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Raising Awareness of Group B Strep in Pregnancy

Strepelle want all expectant parents to test or be ready to test for Group B Streptococcus (also known as Group B Strep, Strep B and GBS).

Strepelle’s home to laboratory test kit will let parents know, with great accuracy whether Group B Strep will be present during delivery and give them the opportunity to work with their medical team to stop the infection before it is passed to their baby.

One in 5 pregnant women will carry the bacteria at any one time.

What is GBS:

GBS is the UK’s most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborn babies, causing sepsis, pneumonia and meningitis, and claims the life of one baby a week.  Current infection rates in the UK see two babies a day develop the infection; one baby a week does not survive and one baby a week survives with life changing disability.

Strepelle is a home-to-laboratory GBS test available for £42.99.  Our Strep B test gives pregnant women the opportunity to test for this devastating infection in their third trimester, from 35 weeks, with the highest accuracy ECM testing. If positive they are sent a letter to give them access to the potentially life-saving antibiotics during labour.

Strep B test


The UK is currently one of the only developed countries in the world which doesn’t offer routine screening for GBS. In the UK, 70 babies a year die from Group B Strep infection


The only way of knowing if a pregnant woman is carrying the bacterium is by having a Strep B test. Our test has the accuracy and reliability of a Laboratory test that can be taken in the safety and convivence of your own home.  The highly accurate and easy to use Strepelle Strep B test will determine whether a pregnant woman is carrying the bacterium.  


Strep B test UK
More information on Group B Strep in Pregnancy! And you can read more about Group B Strep on the NHS website