Why test?

It is good to know if you carry Group B Strep (GBS) during pregnancy. GBS is more common than you may think, 20-25% of pregnant women carry the natural bacteria. GBS is symptomless and usually harmless to the mother, but in some cases it can cause life-threatening infection to a newborn. When a mother carrying GBS is untreated 1 in 400 will develop a GBS infection, 1 baby will die and 1 baby will survive with long term disability. It is vital that women are informed of the risks associated with GBS as most infections can be avoided. The NHS don’t routinely screen for GBS, testing is carried out on a risk based approach, but many women who don’t fall into these category’s will be missed.

Take the test not the risk

We believe that all pregnant women should have the right to be informed and the right to choose. Our aim is to help you have a healthy baby by testing for GBS during pregnancy. Strepelle is an Enriched Medium Culture (ECM) home to laboratory test, recommended by Public Health England. When the test is performed from 35+ weeks, it is highly accurate in predicting if you will or won’t be carrying GBS when you are most likely to go into labour (within the next 5 weeks).

Want to find out if you are carrying GBS in your pregnancy? You can learn more and purchase your test from: strepelle.com.