I am one of the lucky mums. My daughter caught Group B Strep infection from me and she survived.

I bled at 6 months pregnant and was told via post that I had Group B Strep, my midwife posted a leaflet through my door and left me to research this myself. My daughter was born on her due date weighing just 4.9lbs!,I had test scans done just so I could see her more and they told me if they thought anything was wrong they’d have to declare this to me. Obviously her size was something not normal, the woman scanning me looked concerned but didn’t tell me anything. I knew she was going to be born small, mother instincts didn’t fail.

I begged the midwife to check me but they refused. When it came to labour I was told I wasn’t in labour because I was still able to eat and laugh. They didn’t check me for hours and I only had 47 minutes worth of antibiotics when it should have been at least 4 hours worth to protect my daughter. When she was born she became increasingly unwell. They did blood sugar tests on her and they came back low. She was severely unwell and ended up in special care for 16 days.

My daughter is 6 now and is extremely healthy, tall but very slim, all muscle! I called a meeting regarding my experience because I was fuming that I wasn’t treated right during my labour and they fobbed me off telling me she didn’t catch the infection when she clearly did. They put her on antibiotics for 5 days which cured her infection… she was bringing up bile bless her.

I have 3 children and because I had Group B Strep with Siena (my eldest) my younger two were covered by antibiotics automatically in plenty of time before birth. I am so passionate about mothers being tested for Group B Strep, It should be funded and routinely checked for. Thank God for Strepelle who are able to offer tests, I just wanted  to share my story with you. I’m one of the lucky mums but I do feel so fobbed off by the hospital.


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