About Us

Strepelle Limited is owned and run by Rachel and Mark Hennessy. We have many years of experience running businesses and helping to set up and run charities and community organisations.

We acquired Strepelle in early 2020. The company had been dormant for a while, but we recognised the importance and need for testing for Group B Strep to safeguard babies and their families. As parents, we experienced one of our children going through a life-threatening illness and we know the anguish and worry that this can cause.

We are on a mission to increase the knowledge and reduce the impact of Group B Strep. Testing significantly reduces the risk of Group B Strep infection becoming a life-threatening condition; once discovered, treatment is highly effective. Most early onset Group B Strep infections are preventable.

Many advanced countries routinely test for Group B Strep, but the UK does not. A Group B Strep trial has recently been approved in the UK and the results will be used to inform the future of pregnancy care across the United Kingdom but until testing is offered universally the risks of this damaging infection remain and it is the task of private providers such as Strepelle to supply the highest quality testing and support services to pregnant mothers.