Why I Chose Strepelle


I only knew about it because my neighbour's baby sadly passed away to GBS. I wish every pregnant woman was aware of the risks associated with carrying GBS. I was positive, had antibiotics in labour and no problems after that. I recommend this to anyone.

Angela Bromfield

Well worth paying for this test, it's your baby's life at risk. I tested positive with the Strepelle test and was still able to have the birth I wanted, with antibiotics administered every 4 hours after my waters broke.

Stephanie Boyce

I had Group B Strep so I found out the hard way. I lost my precious baby girl in 2012 due to this Group B Strep. If I knew about the test sooner she would be here today.

Carly Olay

I wish I had known about the Strepelle test when I had my daughter - it would have saved a lot of suffering and heartache. If the NHS do test for it, it isn’t as accurate or reliable as the Strepelle test which uses the ECM method.

Sarah Kowalski

I paid to be tested for GBS which was very quick and simple and the results came back in a few days. I had never heard of it until my youngest was born with GBS and she was very poorly from it. It should be done as a requirement by midwives but sadly isn’t.

Toni Mogwai

We did the Strepelle test for peace of mind. Definitely recommend testing!

Nadine Johnson